Creativity comes from effort, not inspiration

Are you still waiting for that ultimate super-duper idea to came by and hit you in the face? Yes? Then what? Oh yes, you’ll heroically jump into making it happen. Aha..not! Sorry to disappoint you – the clock ticks clockwise, not other way around. And I just described “other way around” if you still don’t get it.

Well don’t be too disappointed, most people wait for an idea to happen – I was the same few years back. Most people think creativity happens.

Then what? Well they wait and wait and wait and….you know…never ending a starting story.

Well it’s not entirely true. Occasionally, great ideas do come out of nowhere. And some success stories are created this way – but they are exception not the rule! Mine creativity come from effort too (for all you guys who know me – don’t think otherwise)

But mostly..well mostly is creativity the result of effort: toiling, striving, refining, testing, experimenting etc. The work itself results in inspiration.

Remarkably productive people don’t wait for ideas. They don’t wait for inspiration. They know that big ideas most often come from people who do, not people who dream.

And please don’t get me wrong on “dreaming”. Without a dream nothing happens..ever. Don’t just dream but do dream! And dream BIG!

Regarding ideas…starting and executing them is another story for another post.

Now go do your, fail, learn, iterate and become Creative!

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