Work in spite of disapproval or ridicule!

I’ve been places I wouldn’t be and experienced things I’d never experience! It comes with tears!

The absurd thing? Some (most that know me including family) people think I failed*! I don’t blaim them, after all they know just their side of the story and I haven’t jet told them mine. But..reallity couldn’t be more different.

You want to be successful? Yes? Ok then – It all comes down to a mindset. Here is mine…

I work hard, strive hard and I appear to be too ambitious. I try to stand out from the crowd. I get out of my damn comfort zone!! 

Pleasing the (average-performing) crowd I don’t worry about. I hear the criticism, I take the potshots, I endure the laughter or derision and even hostility and I keep on measuring myself and my efforts ONLY by my own standards. And they are MUCH higher than average. You can’t even imagine. I keep pushing!

It’s a lot easier and much more comfortable to reel it in to ensure you fit in. To stay in your comfort zone – which is perfectly ok if it works for you – don’t get me wrong there.

Someone really smart once said..

Only the people who believe they can change the world are really able to change it! No one else will even try!

Switch the mindset and in the process, you’ll achieve what you want to achieve.

If we managed to lunch platform we’re working on by the time of this writing their opinion is probably different.

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