Be part of Ubuntu Edge and the history

Be part of Ubuntu Edge…You show the world we can move “mountains” together. It makes a new mark in history of online connected and better society. Like Wikipedia was collaborative effort (never thought possible). This is the same thing (just different). Be part of history, of better society — share,buy,donate,talk about it,support it.. everything counts!

— originally posted on my FB feed , by me 

With…— The impact web culture collaboration brings to society

I’m on my new research path about the Internet potential to change our society trough collaboration as a central hub. And I want to share this with you..

I’m a true believer in positive impact collaboration brings and the idea of With… which has transformative potential. It’s a design principal of the culture web is creating.

The web invites us to think and act With… people rather than for them. It’s an invitation to connect with other people whom we can share, exchange and create new knowledge and ideas.

So what questions I hope to get answers to?

  • How everything With… started and collaborative web culture started in the first place
  • What motivates dozens, thousands, even millions of people to come together on the Internet and commit their time to a project for free?
  • How do we get from mass production to mass innovation?
  • What is the key to making a successful collaboration work?
  • Why does wikipedia work?
  • Can You crowdsource without even knowing it?
  • Is Too Much Collaboration a Bad Thing?
  • How far can this With… concept of collaboration spread?
  • Why is the transition of With… collaboration from web to real life happening so (re)volutionary rather than (e)volutionary?
  • etc.

If you want one very simple way of thinking your way into the world the web is creating, think With…