Be part of Ubuntu Edge and the history

Be part of Ubuntu Edge…You show the world we can move “mountains” together. It makes a new mark in history of online connected and better society. Like Wikipedia was collaborative effort (never thought possible). This is the same thing (just different). Be part of history, of better society — share,buy,donate,talk about it,support it.. everything counts!

— originally posted on my FB feed , by me 

I will start so called “Technical how to series”

I’ll do it. From introduction, start to finish. I’ll deliver whole package – with some extras even.

I was wondering for some time now If I should write tutorials or how tos. The doubt was related to the fact that “out there” covers almost anything one could imagine. And to the fact that it takes effort and time to do it right. And time is a limited resource I fight with all the time.

So why bother to write my own?

Well decision was partly rationale partly emotional – of course (without emotions nothing worts nothing). So every topic from series will include one or more of the arguments described. So lets examine arguments:

  • I want to share my experience and best practices
    I’m working on my technical startup for about 5 years now, mostly in R&D all the time and I gained load full of experiences across array of technologies. If one person has learned something from this series, It works for me. It’s my (first) way of contribution back to the community
  • Keep personal reference
    Being in R&D and CTO of my own startup means I keep forgetting stuff and that’s just plain stupid. The in-flow of information, resources etc. is crazy! If have to find info how to do something twice I feel stupid and un-optimized and no one wants to feel stupid, right. Time is currency, I’ll try to profit from it here.
  • Making better understandable how tos and learn from you – great community
    I think I can do better than some tutorials and how tos out there. And I’m willing to take criticism and fixes, optimizations and other suggestion along the way (with authorship of course) – I’m far from knowing everything, that’s where you came to play.
  • Learn some new stuff
    It’ll be extra push to learn new stuff since someone could “profit”(knowledge) from it – myself included. Here I’m basically tricking myself into making a step and learn something new every now and then. The problem here is not that I don’t want to learn, but that I just don’t want to reserve/take the extra time for unconnected stuff since I’m fully occupied with my startup and parenting.

So the first series topic is: “How to contribute back to community on GitHub“. I’ll describe this series in another post where I’ll also introduce TOC(table of contents) so you can better decide if you want to follow along.

I wanted for few years now make a better contribution to OpenSource community, now I have created a chance.