Use checklist(s) on daily basis

I’m a true believer of checklists! I have them for everything(well almost). If you have clear goals then you can further systematize them by creating a checklist(s). You also should have a checklist in your job (not all of them but at least the ones that require team work)

A checklist is useful for 3 reasons:

  1. It helps take action
  2. It communicates you know how to get things done
  3. It motivates

It helps take action

With a list, there’s a plan, and a plan focuses people on doing, not deciding what to do. Also note that on goals that span more than few(lets say for example 10) checkpoints, it’s better not to rush into checklist, but decide which tasks(checkpoints) are priority—create right order first.

It communicates you know how to get things done

In a world of incompetent time wasters it communicates you’ve got your act together and builds certain level of trust (of course goal achievement is the ultimate trust factor).

It motivates

Checklist motivates you because it enables you to see the progress you are making and feel a sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment encourages you to do even more.

Also note that checklist doesn’t need to be made in some fancy software (Not true for collaborating teams—use Trello for that occasion, it’s free). It’s enough they are written with a pencil on a piece of paper. I’ve got those as well (actually whole notebooks of them).

Now go make your checklist.